A reflective brain dump by Jamie Badgett, UX seedling

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

By the time of publishing this article I’ll have been searching for my first UX related position, post-bootcamp, for eight weeks, three days, and counting. To say that the interview process is daunting feels weird for me, sitting in my ergonomically…

A Case Study by Jamie Fischer, UX Designer

After coming off a second solo design project, I was eager to move onto my bootcamp’s first group assignment. We were placed in teams of three and each assigned a role of: Planning Lead, Research Lead, or Interaction Lead. We were to…

A case study by Jamie Fischer, UX designer

The Mappa logo

I entered the last weeks of my remote design course ready for the final project. We were given a real life client with whom we would conduct a two-week design sprint. Each group had deliverables to produce as well as a final…

A case study by Jamie Fischer, UX design student

The EcoStylist homepage

A Brief Introduction…

I’m a UX design bootcamp student working through my first few weeks of the course. The project assigned was to redesign an e-commerce website, EcoStylist, using design best practices that were informed by user testing and interviews. The project was composed of two parts. …

Jamie Badgett

Fine dining chef turned UX enthusiast. Currently navigating the waters of an active job seeker and stay at home busy body.

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